Dr. Ferguson loves Parker’s deep tradition balanced with an environment of innovation. Paired with the amazing students and the quality of the faculty, he is proud to work for Parker.

1. What makes Parker unlike any other university?

In my opinion, it's the people. Not just faculty, but everyone. Administration, staff, faculty, and even students. The quality of the people here at Parker University makes the environment so enjoyable to be a part of.

2. What makes Parker the right fit for you?

Well, for me there was no question. This is my alma mater, and I loved being a student here, so when the opportunity to work here became available, I knew this was where I wanted to be.

3. What is the most rewarding part of your job at Parker?

Since I am an instructor, the interaction with the amazing students we have is what is most rewarding for me. But, again, the people that work here at Parker University also make my job very rewarding.

4. What type of real-world experiences are brought into Parker classrooms?

The faculty here bring so much knowledge from their respective fields into the classroom to provide students with information they will need to be successful in their chosen careers.

5. How is Parker driving health and wellness education forward?

By adjusting curriculum, adding courses, and adding new degree plans to adjust to the changing environments in today's education.

6. How does tradition and innovation in health education come together at Parker?

Parker University will always stay true to the traditions that it was built on, but at the same time, Parker University is always on the forefront of new ideas and innovations in education, which consistently provide students with an exceptional education experience.

7. How does Parker serve and partner with the community?

Every year, students and faculty participate in Parker Serves, which is a way for Parker University to help the community.

8. How does Parker prepare students for extraordinary careers in health and wellness?

This goes back to the quality of the faculty here at Parker University. The faculty at Parker University always carry the "student first" mentality and can adapt to any learning styles the students may have. Every degree plan that Parker University offers contains faculty with so much experience and knowledge to pass on to our students.

9. What advice would you give to prospective Parker students interested in fulfilling their potential?

Choosing an educational path, career, and college to attend is a very important decision. The appropriate amount of time should be given to deciding on these choices. I strongly feel though that prospective students will see that Parker University is the type of university that will help every student who attends to reach their maximum potential.

10. What is the one thing you want everyone reading this to know about Parker University?

Parker University makes you feel like you are truly part of a family. Students will not only feel like they were given the best education, but they will also feel that Parker University truly cared about them. Faculty and staff will also feel like they are a part of a family, and are provided a great working environment.