Working a full-time job while seeking a HIT degree didn’t deter Phyllis. She’s found support in her online community and enjoys sharing her passion with her classmates.

1. What other paths did you consider before choosing Parker?

I was in a traditional college and had to withdraw due to family matters when I finished high school. Life got in the way of marriage and children, and I never completed my degree.

2. What makes Parker the right fit for you?

Since I am older and working a full-time job, the online program was a fit for me with my daytime job. Sitting in classes did not work for me. The flexibility of working on my degree at night or the weekend made obtaining a degree much more accessible.

3. How has the Parker community supported you in your higher education pursuits?

The enrollment process was easy; understanding that I work full time, the professors were helpful, and extended deadlines if I needed additional time for homework assignments.

4. What is your favorite thing about being a Parker student?

Although I am an online student, meeting my classmates virtually is fun. It is interesting to see where other students came from and how they were working on their dreams. I always look forward to our weekly discussions.

5. What is the most challenging aspect of being a Parker student?

Online classes are not easy; you have to pace yourself and make sure you don't wait until the last minute to complete assignments. Since each class is only one month at a time, it can be intense with the workload while balancing family and professional life.

6. What has been your favorite class at Parker? Why?

Health Information Technology is the degree I am pursuing, and it is interesting learning about all the billing codes and how everything gets coded for the patients. My favorite instructor is Amy Branch; she is so knowledgeable and takes the time to explain each course, as it can be confusing. I have found this to be true of all the professors that I have had; they want to see you be successful.

7. Where will your Parker degree take you after graduation?

This degree will just increase my skills within the health profession and help me help offices bill correctly and have better reimbursements.

8. What is your favorite on-campus activity?

Meeting other students from all the different degrees that Parker University offers. I feel we all share the same passion in whatever degree we are pursuing and that's to help humanity within the health fields. I feel we have diversity on our campus.

9. What is your favorite thing to do off-campus in the Dallas area?

I love all the shopping and great food that Dallas has to offer.

10. What is the one thing you want everyone reading this to know about Parker University?

Parker University is an extended family of mine. Even though I am an online student, I feel I am part of a bigger picture to make the world a better place.